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Below you will find the information for all available workshops for in-person attendees registered at the Learning Event taking place on Tuesday 19 March.

Important: Please sign up here as soon as possible to choose your preferred workshops. We urge attendees to register for workshops as soon as possible, as places on each session are limited.

Workshop 1:
Connection and Belonging: Prevention in Practice

This session is designed for everyone, regardless of your level of connection with Planet Youth.

Presented by Vicki Ridley, Senior Development Officer, YouthLink Scotland and Rick Orr Director of Partnerships Winning Scotland

Join us for a transformative session aimed at translating data into impactful action, fostering tangible changes in the lives of children and families, ultimately leading to reduced risky behaviours among teenagers. 


Delve into examples of prevention in practice spanning all domains of Planet Youth – from home to school, peers, and community. Led by YouthLink Scotland, experts in youth work, this workshop will showcase real-world experiences in building protective factors and mitigating risks. 


Participants will not only gain insights but also have the opportunity to contribute their own experiences, ensuring a collaborative and enriching learning environment.  

Workshop 2:
Long Term Success, Short Term Indicators

This session is designed for everyone, regardless of your level of connection with Planet Youth.

Presented by Zahra Hedges, CEO Winning Scotland Fiona Ellis Arrivo Consulting

Ready to dive into the world of long-term success and short-term wins? Join us for a lively session where we'll explore how to keep the hope alive and stay motivated in the journey of upstream prevention.  


Discover practical ways to track progress and tell inspiring stories that keep us going. We'll chat about what it really means to prevent through social change, especially here in Scotland. 


From spotting early signs of change to understanding the soft stuff like culture shifts and mindsets, we'll cover it all. Let's team up, share our insights, and figure out how to keep the momentum going together.  

Workshop 3:
What is Planet Youth?

This session is designed for people with little to no knowledge of Planet Youth.


Presented by Morgan Moore, Planet Youth National Delivery Manager and Tom Lauckner, Planet Youth Strategic Development Manager, Winning Scotland 


This session is perfect for anyone interested in diving into the practical side of the Planet Youth approach. 


No prior knowledge of Planet Youth is needed, but an open mind is key, as this will be an interactive experience involving group collaboration. We'll take you through the 10 steps of the Icelandic Prevention Model and introduce you to the 5 Guiding Principles of the Planet Youth model in a meaningful way.  


We'll kick things off with a brief introduction, setting the stage with a scenario. Then, through a mix of small group activities and whole group discussions, we'll apply the Planet Youth model and upstream thinking to come up with insightful solutions.  


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Workshop 4:
Connecting Communities

This session is designed for people with some knowledge of Planet Youth

Presented by Iryna Nerubaieva, Planet Youth Project Manager, Planet Youth Iceland and Q&A with Planet Youth Leads from Highland

Effective upstream prevention hinges on bringing together the right people, and that's exactly what this workshop is all about. 


Focused on Community Capacity Building, a cornerstone of the Planet Youth approach, we'll delve into the critical role of community engagement throughout the prevention process.  


From forming coalitions to sharing data, and executing actions, community involvement is central at every stage. Together, we'll explore what defines a community and how to effectively engage with it. Gain insights from diverse global perspectives on innovative community engagement strategies and hear firsthand from the Planet Youth pilot in Highland about their experiences in a Scottish context. Get ready for an interactive session designed to spark ideas for engaging with your local community and making a lasting impact. 

Workshop 5:
Empowering Parents: A Workshop on Effective Parental Engagement

This session is designed for people with some knowledge of Planet Youth

Presented by Margrét Lilja Guðmundsdóttir, Planet Youth Chief Knowledge Officer and Aoife Barrett, Evidence and Innovation Manager Winning Scotland.

Are you wondering how to effectively engage parents of teens and pre teens?  

Join us for an enlightening workshop that addresses the key role that parents play in the successful implementation of Planet Youth. We'll explore key factors to consider when presenting information including language, format, and relevance to their lives. Learn how to empower caregivers by providing them with valuable resources, encouraging open dialogue, and fostering a sense of community. Together, we'll recognize the crucial role parents play in shaping their children's lives and collaborate to build safer, healthier environments for all. Plus, discover practical tools like the Parental Consensus to facilitate productive discussions and establish shared norms and values. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights, ideas, and practical advice for engaging with parents and creating positive change in your community! 

Audience and Lecturer
Please note that we are now only operating a waiting list for Learning Event entry. You will need to be a registered attendee in order to participate in the workshops
If you have any questions please get in touch.
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