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Planet Youth in Dundee

STV reporter Saul Sevright delves into Planet Youth as it looks to make impact in Dundee in 2024. Footage courtesy of STV.

Icelandic Model - Focus on Dundee

A video produced by University of Stirling, Lonnie Wright and the Society for the Study of Addiction on the Icelandic Model use in Dundee, Scotland

Planet Youth - Highland focus

Produced by Public Health NHS Highland, this video looks at the findings from their surveying of young people and the implications of the Planet Youth model upon the community.

Planet Youth on STV

STV reporter Lynne Rankin explores the launch of the Planet Youth prevention approach in Dundee. Footage courtesy of STV.

BBC News - How Iceland Saved Its Teenagers

BBC News piece on Planet Youth and how it started in Iceland and the effect it has had upon young people in the country.

Planet Youth in Scotland - Introduction

Animated video commissioned by Planet Youth in Scotland to give an overview of the programme.

Positive hopes for Planet Youth - STV

An STV report on the hopes and aspirations of the people delivering Planet Youth in Dundee, as well as the feedback from young people taking part.

Animated summary of 'Upstream'

An animated summary of 'Upstream' by Dan Heath, in which there is a chapter about Planet Youth.

News Articles


The author of 'Upstream', Dan Heath writes about what it means and how it has been implemented in Iceland.


This article  by the Independent looks at the success of the Icelandic Model in reducing risky behaviour amongst young people.


John O'Groat Journal and Caithness Courier  article on the programme being piloted at secondary schools.


Ross-Shire Journal focus on Highland schools welcoming the trial of Planet Youth in their schools to improve young people's lives.


An article by the Courier looking at Baldragon School in Dundee and how Planet Youth has been viewed by pupils, and it's potential outcomes for the community.

Baillie Gifford has supported Planet Youth in Scotland with funding. In this article, Philanthropic Manager, Samantha Pattman speaks to Planet Youth's Thorfinnur Skulason.


An article by the Online Courier looking at Baldragon School in Dundee and how they have responded to the recent round of the Planet Youth survey in 2024.


An article by the Online Courier looking at Baldragon School in Dundee and how they have responded to the recent round of the Planet Youth survey in 2024.

Academic Articles


The Society for the Study of Addiction  reviewed the scientific evidence, including that gained first-hand, for The Icelandic Model's applicability to Dundee.


A research study aimed to address a gap in the evidence base by providing insight into stakeholders’ views of the Icelandic Model in Dundee.

National Learning Event 2024

The inaugural Planet Youth Learning Event took place in Glasgow in March 2024. A first-of-its-kind event in Scotland where people committed to improving the lives of children and young people  came together to learn, collaborate, and share ideas about the potential impact of Planet Youth across the country.

The aim was to inspire new connections,  and explore exciting ways to educate and empower our future generation across Scotland through the power of their communities. Catch up with some of the plenary sessions and do get in touch if you have any questions.

National Learning Event 2024: Highlights

We captured some of the highlights of the National Learning Event in this video. Showing the enthusiasm, interest, and dedication to improving the lives of young people in Scotland by our delegates.

Empowering Communities:
The Icelandic Prevention Model

Margrét Lilja Guðmundsdóttir,

Chief Knowledge Officer of Planet Youth

Watch Magret's session or read a summary of her presentation here.

Prioritising Early Intervention:

Insights from a Minister's Address

Christina McKelvie MSP,

minister for Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Watch Christina's session or read a summary of her presentation here.

Embracing Prevention:
A Call to Action for Scotland's Wellbeing

Paul Johnston,

Chief Executive of Public Health Scotland

Watch Paul's session or read a summary of his presentation here.

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