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Planet Youth is a community wide approach that encourages and enables everyone to use data and evidence to create better and healthier environments for our young people to grow up in, helping them to make healthier choices around alcohol, vaping, drugs and other risks.
To find out more about how your organisation might be able to help, please contact:
Meeting at the office

Theory of Change

The Planet Youth in Scotland Theory of Change shows:

  • The problem 

  • What we aim to do to fix it

  • What we hope will happen as a result

Click on the image to to view the full version.


  • Why is Planet Youth in Scotland important to me?
    We (and that includes your family, school teachers, and wider community) want to improve your quality of life, and we can only do that if we are listening to your thoughts and making plans to help make a change. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with your valuable input we can start having meaningful conversations about the changes that will make a difference to your life.
  • How will I involved in Planet Youth in Scotland?
    If you are in a school participating in Planet Youth then you’ll be invited to take part in a detailed survey during school-time (usually a double-period lesson), along with everyone else in your year group who is willing to participate (it’s voluntary and you can opt out if you wish). You’ll complete the survey on your own, with privacy and time to think about your answers. Afterwards, listen out for opportunities, at your school or perhaps with other groups in your community, to follow up on what the survey means in terms of improvements for young people.
  • What kind of questions are you asking me in the survey?
    We are looking to get a snapshot into your life, so we will be asking questions about how you spend your free time, relationships, substance use, and your family life. Don't forget that the answers you provide are completely anonymous, so no one will know that they are from you. We encourage you to be as honest and open as possible. The responses we get will really help to improve life for young people and the community.
  • Who is going to see my survey answers, and will anyone know they're from me?
    Your responses to the survey are completely anonymous. We know how important it is that all responses are completely confidential and cannot be traced back to individuals. You don’t give any identifiers such as your name, address or date of birth. The survey responses are sent directly to the Planet Youth headquarters (in Iceland) which then produces summary reports at school and local-authority level. Later on, some further analysis might be done using the survey data to understand more about what life is like for young people, and this is managed very carefully to ensure that only appropriately qualified people within the Planet Youth programme can access the data; it is never sent back to schools or other one else who might work directly with the young people who participated in the survey.
  • Is anyone going to know that the survey answers are from me?
    No one will know that the survey answers have come from you.
  • Do I have to take part in the survey?
    We encourage everyone to take part in the survey because it is your feedback that is going to help Planet Youth in Scotland, and your local make improvements in your local area. The time and effort you put into completing the survey is really appreciated. However, it is voluntary, and if you are unsure or unhappy about taking part, you can opt out. Just speak to your teacher and they will make arrangements for you.
  • If I don’t feel comfortable before, during or after the survey what do I do?
    Don't hesitate to reach out to your teachers! They will be fully supportive and be able to advise you. We also have some helpful websites and phone numbers below that you can use in complete confidentiality.
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