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About Us

Bringing Planet Youth to Scotland

Planet Youth is a programme focused on improving young people’s health, wellbeing, and relationships.  It is based on the Icelandic Prevention Model (IPM), a primary substance use prevention process tool where the key ingredient is data-driven collaboration via community engagement, family- and school involvement and pro-social positive youth development. This includes, schools, parents, carers, businesses, local government public services.  The model has been developed by Planet Youth, a research consultancy in Iceland that is now supporting the implementation of its model in with communities throughout the world. 


In 2019 a small group of partnerships in five local authority areas joined together with Winning Scotland, to develop and undertake a proof of concept implementation of the approach in order to gauge its suitability in the Scottish context. In the wake of the first cycle of activity, Scottish Government funding of £1.5m was awarded to Winning Scotland to coordinate and facilitate a two-year pilot programme running to March 2025, to assess more robustly the potential of Planet Youth in Scotland to drive positive system change around upstream prevention and benefit, in time, all of Scotland’s young people.  Six local Coalitions are currently participating in the pilot, which will be subject to a robust evaluation.  A small central team has been established within Winning Scotland to lead the programme development and implementation work, and more information can be found here.

The Planet Youth in Scotland journey

Copy of PY - 10 Step Process (1).png

The graphic below shows the journey involved with Planet Youth Scotland.

The Planet Youth team provide their support every step of the way, and are on hand to provide guidance the partner teams,  which include parents and carers, and schools who are committed to their journey to strengthening the ambition of our young people through positive activities and mindset.



Theory of Change

The Planet Youth in Scotland Theory of Change shows:

  • The problem 

  • What we aim to do to fix it

  • What we hope will happen as a result

Click on the image to to view the full version.



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Planet Youth in Scotland progress

Change takes time, commitment and dedication. We currently have six regional partners who have dedicated themselves to being a part of the change that aims to transform Scotland to enable new opportunities for young people, and make the wider community feel happier and more content.

Copy of PYS - Timeline.png


We are proud to be working with the following partners across the country:

  • Argyll & Bute Alcohol and Drug Partnership and Argyll & Bute Education 

  • Clackmannanshire Council

  • Dundee City Council

  • Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership and Highland Health and Social Care Partnership

  • West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership

  • Angus Council and Health and Social Care Partnership

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